NAIC Partnership Certified - Long-Term Care Specialists Since 1993


Serving the Western, Midwest and Southern Regions of the United States

Michael L. Dunn, MBA, CLTC  

 Mary Ellen Dunn, MA, CLTC


Benefits in working with the Dunns*

Long-term care insurance is ALL we do. We are insurance agents who are specialists with the CLTC designation representing 8 of the highest rated and most active long-term care insurance companies.

We are not simply a quote service. Whether online, or via the phone, expect your customized options to reflect our knowledge and experience.

We take the time to get your health information and talk directly with the underwriting departments on your behalf to find the top five insurance companies that you health qualify for. What you receive in the comparison are realistic numbers that reflect your personal situation.

Our service does not end with the comparison. We confer with you, answer all your questions, and work with you to find the insurance solution that meets your personal and financial needs.

We provide tax information for you based on your occupation. This information can help you and your tax advisor maximize your deductions as an individual, self-employed professional, or a business

*Michael & Mary Ellen Dunn are licensed insurance agents specializing in Long Term Care Insurance.

Dunn Insurance Services LLC

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