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Future Costs

I am shocked that the future cost of care will be so much! I did not plan for this.  I am so glad I took the time to look into long-term care now instead of later.
- Susan, Phoenix, AZ

Can your retirement plan afford the risk
I can afford two to three years of care at $55,000 but $236,000? . . .no way.


Can your retirement plan afford the consequences?

People think in today's dollars when considering long-term care expenses----but, the real impact is your exposure when in 30-40 years a long-term care event becomes a reality for you.

The impact of inflation: the real risk!

Projected Cost of Care at $150.00/day*

Cost Average Daily Cost* Annual Cost
Today $150.00 $54,750.00
10 Years $244.28 $89,162.20
20 Years $397.84 $145,211.16
30 Years $647.97 $236,509.05
40 Years $1056.00 $385,440.00
All numbers include a 5% compound inflation factor.

*The cost of long term care varies depending on your location. The Dunns have up-to-date information for your area based on Genworth Financial's Cost of Care Survey, April, 2010.

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