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Why purchase long-term care insurance?

I was told by other people that I was too young to get long-term care insurance.  But I wasn't, and now I feel great that I have covered all my risks with insurance.
- Marcia, Scottsdale, AZ

Why Buy Long Term Care
"I would much rather pay for it this way then have my children pay for my care out of their inheritance."

Which reasons apply to you?

PEACE OF MIND - Long term care insurance helps provide peace of mind. People want the the peace of mind knowing that they have provided a safety net if a catastrophic health event occurs. (What insurance is all about!)

ASSET PROTECTION - People want to protect their assets because they have better places to give away their money than to a nursing home: family inheritances, charities, foundations, scholarships.

BURDEN - People do not want to be a burden to family members and friends.

FUTURE COST - People want a built-in inflation escalator (additional cost) to protect them from the increasing costs of long-term care.

QUALIFY NOW - People buy this with their health. Wise people know that the healthier and younger they are they can qualify now for coverage with reasonable premiums.

CONTROL AND INDEPENDENCE - People want control and independence in choosing where they live and the kind of care they receive.

ACCESS TO QUALITY CARE - People want access to quality care and the ability to enter a facility of their choice.

AVERSION TO WELFARE - People have an aversion to welfare, which is Medicaid, and the lack of choice and control.


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